Salicru SPS ADV R

Salicru’s SPS ADVANCE R series UPSs feature line-interactive technology (AVR stabilisation with buck-boost regulation) and pure sine-wave output to power all kinds of critical load.

This technology enables a high level of efficiency to be achieved, providing significant savings in the total consumption of the rack. Also noteworthy is their compatibility with current APFC (active power factor correction) power supplies.

In terms of communications, the options are through the RS-232 interface and management and monitoring software for Windows, Linux and Mac systems, or through the available adapters (SNMP/Web adapter) to be inserted into the smart slot that the devices incorporate.

The series is available in powers of 750, 1,000 and 1,500 VA, all in 19” rack format and with a height of 1U. The depth is 216 mm for the 750 VA model and 485 mm for the 1,000 and 1,500 VA models.


SPS 1000 ADV R

Featuring Line-interactive technology with AVR stabilisation(buck-boost). Pure sine wave. Ultra-compact 1U rack format. Efficiency of up to 98%. Compatible with...

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