When the mains power fails a UPS will provide power to the system for it to function for a short period of time between a few minutes to a few hours depending on the amount of load being put onto the UPS itself.

The UPS  will be charging the batteries while the mains is present so it is ready to protect the load should the pain power fail & then once the main power is back the UPS will recognize this and restore the UPS to its normal state & begin charging the batteries again.

Every UPS will use some form of rechargeable batteries that either has a 3 to 5-year design life on them & is usually replaceable


A UPS will power a CCTV system & power the  DVR and any other devices that need protecting by the UPS,   It is important to note that single UPS will only give a certain amount of run time & this will depend on the amount of power being drawn from the UPS itself, if you need a UPS to run for longer then it’s probable that you will need to get something that may be a lot more powerful & with extra batteries to run for longer.

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