Selecting The Right UPS.

Selecting the right UPS system for your hardware can be hard but with the UPS centre by your side we will help you with what you need to consider before choosing the right system for your application including checking some of the following points

Actual Power 

Making sure you have the right amount of power to protect your load is vital & can be easily found out by looking on the hardware that is to be protected & looking for either the input wattage or amp requirements of the device  & this will help in making sure you are selecting the right UPS for requirements plus you may also wish to consider using a slightly bigger UPS to protect the load as this will give you some expansion should you need it.

Connected Load 

What is the connected load going to be? & what will the UPS be used for is also an important point as if it is a server or telecom system then you may want to consider using an online or line-interactive with sinewave system as these types of systems will give you the ultimate protection whereas if you are using it for an EPoS or CCTV system a line-interactive UPS should be sufficient?

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PC Solutions  | Server UPS Solutions  | Telecom UPS Solutions  | CCTV UPS Solutions.


This is also another important point if what you are connecting to the UPS is going to be the only thing then you may not have to consider expansion at this point but if you are considering putting more than one device onto the UPS then it may be worth considering this option.


Finding the right runtime can be hard especially if you have never thought about getting a UPS before so with this to consider please contact us to discuss this & we will help you through this & make sure you get what you need.

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